Water Damage Carpets Melbourne

      At, Sensible Flood Restoration Melbourne we provide the best services for carpet drying and cleaning 24×7. We clean your carpets using our most effective cleaning solvents that leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean. We take complete care of your different carpet needs by providing diverse services of wet and dry carpet cleaning Melbourne. With our reliable cleaning services, we can add a spark to your home.

      Our teams of technicians do a thorough assessment of your carpets and detect the problems. We only proceed with wet carpet cleaning Melbourne after developing a complete idea of the carpet condition and its action plan.

      We, Sensible Flood Restoration Melbourne are providing our excellent services of wet carpet drying Melbourne for years. And, we only hire certified technicians to join our prestigious team. With our quick services, we can reach your location within just an hour of your booking confirmation. So, reach us at +61480017149 now!

      The benefit of Wet Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

      A wet carpet can act as the breeding ground for moulds and bacteria. Within a short period of 48 hours, mould outbreak can occur on your carpets. These fungi growth exposes you and your family member to health risks. If your carpets are kept in a dark and humid room then it becomes a dangerous item to have inside your house. Such carpets become too toxic and easily trigger skin allergies and other diseases. We, Sensible Flood Restoration Melbourne recommend availing of our professional carpet cleaning and drying services immediately.

      A flooded premise can easily damage your expensive carpets and affect the structure of the building. Hence, avail of our services of wet carpet drying Melbourne for instant relief and restoration.

      Why choose Sensible Flood Restoration Melbourne?

      • We provide complete services of water damage carpets Melbourne
      • All our technicians are highly qualified and certified from reputed institutions.
      • We are available round-the-clock for providing our services all across Melbourne
      • We serve both residential and commercial clients
      • 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed with our services.
      • During emergencies, we arrive at the location within 1 hour
      • We provide a full report for insurance
      • Our services are cost-effective, and we accept payment via card, cash, and online modes.

      Things to Do Before Our Professionals Arrive

      After booking your services for wet carpet cleaning Melbourne our team reaches your location as soon as possible. Meanwhile, there are a few things you should do:

      Turn off electricity, so water doesn’t enter the electric sockets. Also, remove all kinds of electronic items and appliances from the room.

      Move your furniture to a dry area, and check if the blinds have been affected or not. Keep all other belongings in a clean and dry place.

      If possible, try to extract the excess water from the rooms. Use a mop or vacuum cleaner that is suitable for water extraction, so you can prevent your floorings from getting damaged.

      Open all the windows and doors for increasing the flow of air inside your house. Keep your children and pets in a safe room, before our team arrives for dry carpet cleaning Melbourne.

      Different Categories of Dirty Water

      Water that damages your carpet contains a different level of dirt, and here are the 3 major classifications:

      Clean water: Clean water is mainly released from water pipeline burst, sink, or bath overflow. This category of water is clean and doesn’t contain a lot of dirt.

      Grey Water: Discharge from washing machines, dishwashers, or toilets without feces is categorized as grey water. The bacteria and dirt contamination is high in grey water and calls for quick services of wet carpet cleaning Melbourne.

      Black Water: The ground surface water, sewage backflow, and extremely dirty river water fall in the perilous category of black water. Carpets soaked in black water need immediate treatment from professionals like Sensible Flood Restoration Melbourne.

      Effective Process of Carpet cleaning at Sensible Flood Restoration Melbourne

      For cleaning and drying water damage carpets Melbourne, we follow these steps:

      Pre-assessment: Our professionals will begin the process of dry carpet cleaning Melbourne by thoroughly inspecting the condition of the carpet, floorings, and the building. A quick query is made about the source of water for the classification of the water type. Using a moisture meter and thermal monitor the degree of damage is determined. Later, a plan is formulated and the right cleaning agent and devices are opted for.

      Water extraction: We pass on the necessary information to the customer and proceed with the restoration task of water damage carpets Melbourne. We use a high-powered device for extracting water from the carpets, so drying time can be reduced.

      Anti-bacterial treatment: Carpets are treated with anti-bacterial sprays for eliminating the growth of moulds and other bacteria. The anti-mould spray is applied thoroughly on the backside of the carpet as well.

      Drying: Using a heavy-duty blower, the carpets are dried. We keep on moving the carpets so they can dry from every direction. We also use dehumidifiers for providing the best services of dry carpet cleaning Melbourne.

      Final inspection: In the final step, the carpet is deodorized and sanitized, while monitoring any missed spots. We make sure carpets are cleaned with efficiency.

      Contact Sensible Flood Restoration Melbourne for emergency and same-day services. Call us at +61480017149 and get a quote!

      Frequently Asked Questions at Sensible Flood Restoration Melbourne

      1. Can I clean my flood-damaged carpets at home?

      Yes, you can. If you have access to the right cleaning devices and possess skills for effective wet carpet drying Melbourne. Else, feel free in contacting us for professional and quick carpet restoration services.

      2. How do I make the payment?

      We accept payment in cash, via credit card or debit card. You can also write us a cheque and make an online payment.

      3. Will you remove the furniture and other items from the room as well?

      No. Our professionals will only provide help with carpet cleaning, drying, and restoration. In some cases, we may assist with furniture, but for quick relief, it is best if you clean your room before our professionals arrive.

      4. Do you provide same-day services?

      Yes. We, Sensible Flood Restoration Melbourne provide same-day as well as emergency services to our customers. During emergencies, our team will reach your location within 60 minutes of booking confirmation.

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